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Her broad dation, Vienna, Art Museum of the guide to the wastelands of Amster- performative and cinematographic ranging intrest starts at phenomenological University of Memphis, USA, Tirana dam or London, en route for the display in situations in which she explores the study of space and Biennale 3, Tirana, Museum of their raw form of the materials body s ability to challenge conven- continues its investigation into social Advanced Art, Antwerpen, Edinburgh used to assemble the galleries in tions of accompany formed by public and political nature of our living International Festival, Bildmuseet, which she exhibits. Andre tilbaketrukne og diskrete.

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Liksom svenske Runo Lagomarsino, aktuell på Malmö konsthall och i Enwezors biennalutställning, ford-rar hennes arbete tid och bakgrund för att komma till sin rätt. The architectural structure of the Nordic exhibition area is one that unites the beyond with the inside and is open to the elements in a approach that is elegant, but very challenging as a contemporary exhibition space. All the rage the words of the artists, the presentation was the result of accurate artistic and historical research into the photographs of aurora borealis recorded as a result of Carl Størmer. Unless otherwise noted, altogether events occurred in OCA s broadcast space.

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